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For several decades there has been no breakthrough in fundamental physics as revolutionary as the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics despite the unprecedented advancements in applied physics and technology. The fact that the efforts of so many brilliant physicists to make a major discovery have not been successful seems to indicate that those efforts might not have been in the right direction. Indeed, an increasing number of physicists have started to worry about whether we have deviated from the way research was done in the beginning of the twentieth century when the two major revolutions in physics occurred. To address these worries and to help change the present situation in fundamental physics the major raison d'être of the Institute for Foundational Studies "Hermann Minkowski" is to employ a research strategy, which identifies, synthesizes and develops the successful methods behind the greatest discoveries in physics. In this sense the Minkowski Institute is without a counterpart in the world.

The use of such an advanced research strategy, which stimulates creativity and induces insights, will allow the Minkowski Institute to establish itself as an international institution that will lead the research on the most outstanding and urgent open questions in science (initially in physics). Achieving this goal will demonstrate that an innovative, creative, and productive research strategy is by far more important for making discoveries in science than investing huge funds.

To unite the efforts of the most active researchers and to foster emerging novel ideas, the Minkowski Institute will be regularly organizing workshops on foundational issues in science where open questions will be rigorously discussed with the explicit aim of identifying the most probable paths towards their resolutions. The Institute will be also organizing annual winter schools on the foundations of science, which will train graduate students and postdoctoral researchers on how to do productive research on the front edge of science.

Goals of the Minkowski Institute:

  • To help change the present situation (~impasse) in fundamental physics and actively participate in leading the research on the major open questions.
  • To demonstrate that employing an advanced research strategy is more important for making breakthroughs in science than investing millions of dollars.
  • To become a world center for training the most innovative and productive researchers of the 21st science.
  • To inspire young people to pursue studies and careers in science.
  • To provide continual science education for the general public in order that scientific culture becomes an inseparable element of the common culture of every individual.
  • To promote science and science education as the best way to advance our civilization.

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Doing Physics Right - a blog, associated with the Minkowski Institute, specifically intended to draw physicists' attention to what is usually regarded as self-evident - doing Physics right - but is not always the case.

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