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Hermann Minkowski
1864 - 1909




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Hermann Minkowski

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Government and Industry support are the main sources of funding. These are under consideration.

Two steady sources of funding:

  • The university (undergraduate and graduate) courses once they are offered by the Minkowski Institute.

  • The Minkowski Institute Press (MIP). As all profit from MIP goes to the Minkowski Institute everyone can support the Institute either by publishing with MIP or by purchasing books from MIP's bookstore or from other bookselers.

Another source of funding will be donations especially when the results of the advanced research strategy employed at the Minkowski Institute start coming. In the meantime, everyone who shares the mission of the Minkowski Institute and can support its major research project, even in a small way, can contact Vesselin Petkov at

The Minkowski Institute will be also applying for grants, but colleagues, involved in fundamental research, know well how difficult it is to receive a grant for a project on fundamental questions such as the major research project of the Minkowski Institute. Sydney Brenner feared that even the greatest fundamental research project in history would encounter such difficulties:

Even God wouldn't get a grant today because somebody on the committee would say, oh those were very interesting experiments (creating the universe), but they've never been repeated. And then someone else would say, yes and he did it a long time ago, what's he done recently? And a third would say, to top it all, he published it all in an un-refereed journal (The Bible).

We thank our sponsors in advance for helping us pursue our goals:

  • To help change the present situation (~impasse) in fundamental physics and actively participate in leading the research on the major open questions.
  • To demonstrate that employing an advanced research strategy is more important for making breakthroughs in science than investing millions of dollars.
  • To become a world center for training the most innovative and productive researchers of the 21st science.
  • To inspire young people to pursue studies and careers in science.
  • To provide continual science education for the general public in order that scientific culture become an inseparable element of the common culture of every individual.
  • To promote science and science education as the best way to advance our civilization.