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Forthcoming and Planned Books

  1. Hermann Weyl, Space-Time-Matter Translated from the German by Henry L. Brose. Edited by Vesselin Petkov. Will appear in May 2021.
  2. James Jeans, Physics and Philosophy. Edited by Vesselin Petkov. Will appear in 2020

  3. Arthur S. Eddington, New Pathways In Science. Will appear in 2020.

  4. Albert Einstein, Relativity: Meaning and Consequences for Modern Physics. With an Introduction by Tian Y. Cao. Edited by Vesselin Petkov To appear - tba.
  5. Vesselin Petkov, Introduction to Spacetime Physics (undergraduate physics textbook). To appear - tba.
  6. Arthur S. Eddington, The Nature of the Physical World
  7. Arthur S. Eddington, The Philosophy of Physical Science
  8. Arthur S. Eddington, Science and the Unseen World
  9. Arthur S. Eddington, Stellar Movements and the Structure of the Universe
  10. Werner Heisenberg, The Physical Principles of Quantum Theory
  11. Werner Heisenberg, Physics and Philosophy
  12. Max Born, The Mechanics of the Atom
  13. Max Born, Physics in My Generation
  14. Niels Bohr, The Theory of Spectra and Atomic Constitution
  15. Niels Bohr, Atomic Physics and Human Knowledge
  16. A. N. Whitehead, The Principle of Relativity: With Applications to Physical Science
  17. James H. Jeans, Report on Radiation and the Quantum-Theory
  18. James H. Jeans, Atomicity and Quanta
  19. James H. Jeans, An Elementary Treatise on the Theoretical Mechanics
  20. Henri Poincaré, The Foundations of Science: Science and Hypothesis, The Value of Science, Science and Method
  21. Arthur W. Conway, Relativity
  22. E. Cunningham, Relativity and the electron theory (1915)
  23. Ludwik Silberstein, The theory of relativity (1914)
  24. Ludwik Silberstein, The theory of general relativity and gravitation (1922)
  25. Anastas H. Anastassov, The Theory of Relativity and the Quantum of Action (4-Atomism).