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Hermann Minkowski
1864 - 1909




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    "Science is disbelief in what the experts say" (Richard Feynman)

Research interests within the Minkowski Institute:

Foundations of physics, philosophy of science, interdisciplinary creativity and innovation (theory and practice)

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Selected articles in philosophy of science, of mind and foundations of physics

Selected articles in physics:

  • L. Vervoort, R. Ferreira, and P. Voisin, "Spin-splitting of the subbands of InGaAs-InP and other 'no common atom. quantum wells", Semiconductor Science & Technology 14 (1999) p. 227

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  • T. Guettler, A. Triques, L. Vervoort, R. Ferreira, Ph. Roussignol, P. Voisin, D. Rondi, and J. C. Harmand, "Optical polarization relaxation in InxGa1-xAs-based quantum wells: Evidence of the interface symmetry-reduction effect", Phys. Rev. B 58 (1998) p. 10180 (Rapid Communications) :

  • L. Vervoort, R. Ferreira, and P. Voisin, "Effects of interface asymmetry on hole subband degeneracies and spin-relaxation rates in quantum wells", Phys. Rev. B. 56 (1997) p. 12744 (Rapid Communications):

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  • I. Nikitin, M. Mengel, L. Vervoort, "Inkjet Printing of Metals and Polymers", Internal Report Infineon, Munich, Germany (2008)

  • L. Vervoort, "Calculation of UV Laser Light Scattering from Particles in Micron Range", Internal Report Carl Zeiss, Oberkochen, Germany (2003)


  • 5 in total: list on request. (Some can be found by google patent: US Patent US Patent US7982309, US20090194882, US Patent US20110003440, US Patent US 2009/0032871A1)