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Swapnil Kumar Singh

    I am Swapnil Kumar Singh, an undergraduate sophomore and a 4th-semester student pursuing a major in Mechanical Engineering. I have a dream and passion to become an astrophysicist. Motivated by topics such as high-energy astrophysics, dark matter, black holes, and astrophysical relativity, I aim to gain practical experiences and prepare myself for challenges in academia. I have received fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts, London, UK.

Main Affiliation:

BMS College of Engineering
Bangalore, India



Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering
BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore

Sophomore Year Project: Fuzzballs - Black Hole Microstates: The fuzzballs, are considered to be the black hole microstates, while the original black hole represents the average description of the system. The purpose of this project is to review current evidence for the fuzzball proposal, emphasizing the use of AdS/CFT methods in developing and testing the proposal.
Paper Presentation: 8th MEFT Workshop, Portugal and Hypatia 2023, Egypt.

Freshman Year Project: Dark Matter and Gravitational Effects: A systematic study of Gravitational effects of the dark matter through simulations of early universe (ΛCDM), observations of Gravitational lensing of distant Clusters, Study of Colliding galaxies and Spiral Galaxies.
Poster Presentation: Kashiwa DM Symposium 2022, Japan.

Research Experience:

My research journey in astrophysics has been enriched by valuable internships and research projects, all mentored by esteemed professors and scientists from prominent institutions and organizations. Notable among them are the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation at the University of Portsmouth, Nicholas Copernicus Astronomical Centre (CAMK) in Poland, University of Chile, UNESP - Sao Paulo State University, Miranda House - Delhi University, Innova Space UK, Kings College London, the Exoplanet Research Project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Deep Space Initiative in Denver, USA, Dassault Systemes, and the Space Advancement and Research Cell (SARC) in India.

High Energy Astrophysics and Dark Matter Expertise:

My research projects, including investigations of massive star-forming regions, simulations of levitating atmospheres around naked singularities, and studies on solar corona radio wave dispersion and solar wind velocity estimations, have provided me with a strong foundation in high energy astrophysics and dark matter research. These experiences showcase my knowledge and interest in studying topics related to high-energy phenomena, dark matter, black holes, and astrophysical relativity.