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Hermann Minkowski
1864 - 1909




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Jan Pilotti

B.Sc. mathematics, theoretical physics. M.D.


Main interest in the nature of spacetime, dimensionality of block universe vs. the experience of time flow. The mathematical possibility of superluminal Lorentz transformations in 2D and an extended spacetime to 6D, three space three time dimensions, seems to be a "delayed discovery" as it could well have been discovered both by Einstein and Minkowski, before its discovery in 1968-1977. I am interested if 6D spacetime could include a possible synthesis of 4D block universe as well as the experience of time flow, and in this research, as Weyl did, relate this to consciousness, which can seemingly be given a new model in 6D spacetime. Also ponder about if the problem to unify relativity with QM is due to the apparent determinism of 4D block universe vs. indeterminism in QM and if this could be solved in 6D spacetime and if QM entanglement is related to the possible superluminality in 6D. Besides my studies in physics I have worked as child- and adolescent psychiatrist and am now retired from that.

My current work is summarized - in my abstract to Fifth International Conference on the Nature and Ontology of Spacetime 2018 and in and my abstract to Second Hermann Minkowski Meeting on the Foundations of Spacetime Physics 2019.

In more detail in my conference report How Minkowski Could Have Discovered Superluminal Lorentz Transformations and Six Dimensional Spacetime. In Spacetime 1909-2019. There I also in detail show how Einstein 1905, Minkowski and others missed the possibility of superluminal LT.

I have made some corrections, a clearer analyze of Einstein 1905 and also analyzed his misses 1907 and 1912(1914) and published on and

More about the problem of consciousness in "Conscious spacetime. An outline to experiential monism." The mysteries of Consciousness. Essays on Spacetime, Evolution and Well-being, Ed. I. Fredriksson McFarland 2015.

And a more detailed dialogue about consciousness and relation to six-dimensional spacetime in On the best available evidence for the Survival of Human Consciousness after Permanent Bodily Death at 2021.