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Perhaps the best deals for flights can be found through Skyscanner and For colleagues flying to Europe, it is often less expensive to have a flight to Sofia and then take a local flight to Varna or a bus directly to Albena (see below).

For flights to Varna or Sofia you can contact our travel agent here in Montreal Galia Mardirossian at her email address and let her know that you are attending the conference.

From Sofia Airport to Varna

How to get to Albena from Sofia Airport

1. Sofia-Varna-Albena: You can take a flight, bus or train to Varna and then either (i) a bus to Albena or (ii) use the shuttle which we are trying hard to arrange (we hope it will be done).

Buses and trains for Varna can be taken from the Central Bus Station Sofia and the nearby Central Train Station in Sofia.

Address of the Central Bus Station:
100 Maria Luiza Boulevard
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone +359 90 063 099

You can get to the Central Bus Station and the Central Train Station from Sofia Airport by bus 84 and by metro - Line 1 to metrostation Serdika and then taking Line 2 to the metro station at the Central Bus Station and the Central Train Station.

2. Sofia-Albena: In May there are only 4 buses a day leaving for Albena:

2.1. At 10:30 and 22:30 - Bus Company Union Ivkoni (as a final destination type Kavarna).

2.2. At 11:30 and 21:30 - Bus Company Grup / Etap (as a final destination type Kavarna). These two buses should be taken if for some reason you cannot use the buses of Union Ivkoni above; the reason is that the busses of this company use a bus stop that is ~ 1 km from the conference hotel.

How to get to Varna and Albena from Varna Airport

Distance from Varna Airport to Albena - 40-45 km (depending on route). If you rent a car, the entry fee for the guarded resort Albena is 6 BGN (~3 EUR). If you take a taxi, you do not have to pay the entry fee, because the taxi driver knows than the first 30 minutes in Albena are free and they can exit the resort within these 30 minutes.

By bus from Varna Busstation to Albena

Rent a Car from Varna Airport

Taxi from Varna Airport to Albena

There is an airport fee of 3.00 BGN (~1.50 EUR)

Unexpectedly, taxi turns out to be the best and most affordable transport from Varna Airport to Albena (and back). Before taking a taxi, probably you should withdraw Bulgarian leva (BGN) from banking machines at the airport by using your debit or credit cards.

The company Hippo Taxi offers to meet colleagues directly at the airport - the driver will hold a sign "Spacetime Conference". The taxi fare is 52 BGN (~26 EUR) + airport fee of 3.00 BGN (~1.50 EUR). If you prefer a taxi driver to wait for you, please email your flight information (number, arrival date and time) to and explain that you are attending the Spacetime Conference and that they made the offer to meet attendees at the airport; also indicate whether you will be paying with a credit card or cash. [During the last two years, particularly during the last several months, the taxi fare went up; in 2019 it was 40 BGN.]

You can also take a Hippo Taxi for sightseeing - simply tell the driver that you are attending the Spacetime Conference.

To get an idea of how time is spent outside the conference room, here are some pictures of the free discussions at the Fourth Spacetime Conference held in the resort Golden Sands (~15 km south of Albena) in June 2016.

Any questions should be emailed to

Bulgarian Currency

You can withdraw Bulgarian leva (BGN) from banking machines at the airport or anywhere in Bulgaria by using your debit or credit cards.

Current Weather Forecast for Varna:

Weather Today in Varna, Bulgaria

Welcome to Bulgaria (founded in 681):
The magic of Bulgarian nature in 3 minutes!

There are two, among the many, must-see ancient archeological sites near Albena (part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage) - the National Archaeological Reserves Kaliakra and Yailata.